Who was the famous leader of the confederate military

Who was the leader of the Confederate Army?

Jefferson Davis

Who were the leaders of the Confederacy?

Jefferson Davis was a former Secretary of War (under President Franklin Pierce) and Senator from Mississippi who became the first President of the Confederacy.

Who had better military leaders in the Civil War?

The south had much better leadership during the America Civil War than the North. Generals such as Robert E. Lee , Stonewall Jackson, and J. E. B. Stuart were well trained, skilled generals , contrasting to the inefeective generals of the North.

Who was the worst Confederate general?

General Braxton Bragg

Who was the most famous Confederate general?

General Robert E. Lee

What did Confederate leaders?

The army did not have a formal overall military commander, or general in chief, until late in the war. The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, himself a former U.S. Army officer and U.S. Secretary of War, served as commander-in-chief and provided the strategic direction for Confederate land and naval forces.

Who started the Confederate Army?

Jefferson Davis

Who were the best Confederate generals?

The Top 10 Greatest Confederate Generals: Robert E. Lee , Stonewall Jackson , James Longstreet, JEB Stuart, A.P. Hill, Nathan Bedford Forrest , Joseph E. P.G.T.

Who had a better military north or south?

Despite the North’s greater population, however, the South had an army almost equal in size during the first year of the war. The North had an enormous industrial advantage as well. At the beginning of the war, the Confederacy had only one-ninth the industrial capacity of the Union.

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Who was a better leader Grant or Lee?

Grant was the better general overall. Lee would have been an outstanding Corp commander , but he lacked the strategic ability so necessary for one in his position. To put it another way, Lee knew how to win battles, but Grant knew how to win the war. Lee’s aggressive strategy came at a terrible cost for the South.

Who was the best military strategist of the civil war?

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Who was the greatest general ever?

Among all generals, Napoleon had the highest WAR (16.679) by a large margin. In fact, the next highest performer, Julius Caesar (7.445 WAR), had less than half the WAR accumulated by Napoleon across his battles. Napoleon benefited from the large number of battles in which he led forces.

Who was the youngest Confederate general?

William Paul Roberts

What was the bloodiest Civil War battle?