How to change state residency military

How do I change my state residence on myPay?

myPay After logging in, find and select the Correspondence Address link under Pay Changes on the Main Menu. Click the Edit button and enter the correct address. Submit your changes and click Finish. Your account will be updated in three to seven business days.

What is the DD Form 2058?

The purpose of this certificate is to obtain information with respect to your legal residence/domicile for the purpose of determining the State for which income taxes are to be withheld from your “wages” as defined by Section 3401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

What makes you a resident of a state military?

Your state of legal residency (SLR) is your “Home of Record,” unless you changed it to another state . Changing the state on your paycheck records does not change your SLR. From a tax standpoint, your State of Legal Residency (SLR) is considered your “domicile” or “ resident ” state as long as you are on active duty.

Can you change home of record?

The ability to change your home of record is very limited. In most cases individuals will not be allowed to change their home of record . An individual’s home of record is a place recorded as the home of the soldier when commissioned, appointed, enlisted, inducted or ordered on active duty.

Does military have to change drivers license?

Each state has its own law on this matter, briefly described below. THE SERVICEMEMBERS’ CIVIL RELIEF ACT DOES NOT EXEMPT MILITARY PERSONNEL FROM UPDATING THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSE . However, many states do allow for more flexibility with regard to how and when you must apply for a license renewal.

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Do military orders count as proof of residency?

Pretty much states that military orders assigning you here are acceptable as proof of residency (no need for a utility bill or lease agreement) and that a military issued ID card is acceptable in lieu of a CA DMV issued license/id.

How do I change my legal residency?

Find a new place to live in the new state. Establish domicile . Change your mailing address and forward your mail. Change your address with utility providers. Change IRS address. Register to vote. Get a new driver’s license. File taxes in your new state.

How do I get a DD Form 2058?

What is a DD Form 2058 and what is it used for? The DD Form 2058 , State of Legal Residence Certificate, can be found in the Finance Office and is used by the Defense Finance and. Accounting Service (DFAS) to indicate that you have changed your domicile for military pay purposes.

Where can I get DD Forms?

To view DOD Forms , Directives, and Instructions, visit the following link: DD /. From this main page, click on the DOD Forms or DOD Issuances drop-down menus in the toolbar to search for a specific form , directive or instruction by issuance number or subject matter.

Can you live in one state and claim residency in another?

Yes, it is possible to be a resident of two different states at the same time, though it’s pretty rare. One of the most common of these situations involves someone whose domicile is their home state , but who has been living in a different state for work for more than 184 days.

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Does military have to file state taxes?

Under federal law, states are prohibited from taxing the military income of nonresident service members who are stationed in their states . Note, this protection only applies to military income. If you also have a nonmilitary job, you’ll be subject to paying resident state income taxes on those wages.

What does legal resident of a state mean?

Residency (domicile) is your true, fixed, and permanent home. If you moved into a state for the sole purpose of attending a school, do not count that state as your legal residence.

How do you change your home of record in the Army?

When changing a state of residence , a person must complete DA Form 2058 and turn it into the personnel office. Pick up a copy of the form from Finance. This form tells DFAS which state’s taxes to withhold from the paycheck. Filing this form alone, however, does not change state of legal residence .

Can you change your home of record Navy?

A ” home of record ” must be changed if it was erroneously or fraudulently recorded initially. Enlisted members may change their ” home of record ” at the time they sign a new enlistment contract. Officers may not change their ” home of record ” except to correct an error, or after a break in service.

Can you join the military in a different state?

You can still attend school, have a civilian job, and go on about your normal life while serving in the National Guard. It’s convenient that you can enlist in the National Guard in another state . That means your family can stay put while you serve your one weekend a month and two weeks every year.