How much rad protection for military tunnels

Is there a recycler in military tunnels?

The Military Tunnels provides access to a Recycler that can be found inside the sheet metal shed.

What cards do you need for military tunnels?

For the Military tunnels you need 1 fuse, 1 green card , 1 blue card ánd 1 red card . And of course you need a radsuit. Once inside continue to the right until you reach a door on your right hand side.

Does Dome have radiation?

The Dome has low levels of radiation . The Dome is the only major monument that doesn’t have a recycler.

Do you need a rad suit for military tunnels?

This will cause additional noise that may call attention to the area. No key is needed to enter the Military Tunnel ; however, at this point, players will need to wear 11+ radiation resistance to avoid radiation build-up.

Does abandoned supermarket have a recycler?

RUST Abandoned Supermarket Recycler Location This recycler is easily accessible on the backside of the supermarket . The recycler is inside.

Where is the best loot in Rust?

Top 10 Loot Locations in Rust Green Military Crates. Blue Military Crates. Loot Crates. The Floor. Blue/Yellow Barrels. Red Barrels. Cave Carts. Believe it or not, you can find anything from low grade fuel to high quality metal in these containers. Food Crates. Wherever you find barrels, you’ll find food crates.

Is there a recycler at Harbor rust?

A Recycler is located at the outskirts of the large harbor , as well as on the larger dock of the small harbor . There is also an Small Oil Refinery present at most harbor spawns.

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Where is the red keycard?

The most reliable way to get a red keycard is to loot them from crates. They are not a guaranteed drop however, so multiple crates might need to be looted in order to acquire a Red Access Card.

Where can I use red card rust?

A keycard with advanced clearance, grants access to top level areas. Can be obtained by completing Blue Keycard puzzles in the Water Treatment Plant, Airfield, Power Plant, and Train Yard.

Does airfield have radiation rust?

The Airfield is a Monument often found on procedurally generated maps in Experimental Rust . Owing to its varied loot spawns and convenient access to utilities, the Airfield has proven to be one of the more popular monuments in the game. The entire perimeter of the airfield is lightly irradiated.

How much Rad do I need for Dome?

Radiation in dome is 10 rads /second. When your equipment goes above 10 radiation protection average (seen in inventory), you will be protected from accumulating any radiation .

How often do Dome crates Respawn?

I tested it myself about 40 times and found it takes an average of 5 minutes for crates to respawn , they can take up to 9 minutes but they can often take 2 so don’t go too far. He also goes on explaining what the possible loot is for the different types of crates .