How many scales are on a military protractor

What scale are military maps?

Military City Map . A military city map is a topographic map (usually at 1:12,550 scale , sometimes up to 1:5,000), showing the details of a city.

How do you use a protractor on a military map?

Place your protractor on your map . In the middle of the protractor , you’ll see a little hole. Place that directly over your first plot. Make sure 0° is in line with north on your map .

What are the 5 colors on a military map?

Terms in this set (5) Black . Stands for man made objects. Brown . Stands for contour, elevation, and relief. Blue . Stands for water . Green . Stands for vegetation. Red . Stands for densely populated areas and other man made objects.

What are 3 types of contour lines?

There are 3 kinds of contour lines you’ll see on a map : intermediate, index, and supplementary. Index lines are the thickest contour lines and are usually labeled with a number at one point along the line. Intermediate lines are the thinner, more common, lines between the index lines .

How accurate is a 4 digit grid coordinate?

Grid coordinates are used to define point features, such as a neighborhood, soccer field, a particular house, or even a parking place. These require different levels of granularity. For example; 4 digits – 2306 – locates a point with a precision of 1,000-meters (a neighborhood size area).

How do you read a 4 digit grid?

The number of the vertical grid line on the left (west) side of the grid square is the first and second digits of the coordinates. The number of the horizontal grid line on the bottom (south) side of the grid square is the fourth and fifth digits of the coordinates.

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What are the 3 Norths on a military map?

When working with a map and compass there are usually three different norths to be considered: True North , Grid North and Magnetic North .

How close will a 10 digit grid get you?

The confusion comes in when soldiers try to use a map to get a 10-digit grid coordinate, which equates to a 1 meter precision. A 1:50,000 scale map is only accurate to 50m 90% of the time so a 6 digit ( 100m precision) or an 8 digit (10m precision) are more appropriate.

How close does a 4 digit grid get you?

1000 meters

How do you read Eastings and Northings?

The numbers going across the map from left to right are called eastings , and go up in value eastwards, and the numbers going up the map from bottom to top are called northings , because they go up in a northward direction.

How accurate is a 8 figure grid reference?

With an 8 – figure reference , the last figure in each half of the reference (the easting and the northing) again subdivides this tenth into 10 parts, so that the accuracy is then to within 10 metres, and this is why you need a larger scale than 1:50,000 to make good use of it.

How big is a grid square on a military map?

With the use of the military grid reference system, there is no possibility of this happening. Grid Squares The north-south and east-west grid lines intersect at 90 degrees, forming grid squares . Normally, the size of one of these grid squares on large -scale maps is 1000 m (1 km).