Saints row 3 military base

Where is the military base in Saints Row 3?

Sierra Point is an island in Steelport, which is a restricted area, used by the SNG, and STAG when occupying Steelport, as a U.S. Military Base .

What are the main missions in Saints Row 3?

Walkthrough 2.1) When Good Heists Go Bad. 2.2) I’m Free – Free Falling. 2.3) We’re Going to Need Guns. 2.4) Steelport Here I Am. 2.5) Party Time. 2.6) Guardian Angel. 2.7) Trafficking. 2.8) Takeover the City.

Is Saints Row The Third free?

Saints Row: The Third Free Download.

What year is Saints Row 3 set in?


What is the money cheat for Saints Row 3?


Display Code Description
Add Police Notoriety pissoffpigs Bumps Police Notoriety one star with each use.
Add Gang Notoriety lolz Bumps Gang Notoriety one star with each use.
Give Cash cheese Instantly gives you cash. (+$100000)
Heaven Bound fryhole The dead all go to heaven.

How long is Saints Row 3 full package?

Based on 17 User Ratings

Platform Polled Longest
Nintendo Switch 9 30h 02m
PC 14 98h 54m
PlayStation 3 1 22h 18m

What’s the last mission on Saints Row 3?

“Watch Dogs: Legion” Released – The Loop

Three Way
” Three Way ” mission completion screen. ” Three Way ” mission completion screen.
Type Mission
Story arc 3rd Street Saints (finale)
Homies Oleg Pierce Angel De LaMuerte

How many missions does Saints Row 3 have?

47 missions

Can I run Saints Row The Third?

The minimum CPU required is equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i5-750 to play the game at its best. Saints Row the Third system requirements also ask for 10 GB free storage space to install the game.

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How many GB is Saints Row 2?

15 GB

Is Saints Row 3 online multiplayer?

Does Saints Row 3 Remastered Have Split-Screen and Online Multiplayer ? Saints Row : The Third Remastered does have online co-op multiplayer . ‘ You are able to play both the co-op campaign and ‘Whored Mode’ in online co-op with a friend over the internet.

Why is Saints Row 3 so different?

Saints Row : The Third has a mission where Power plays, so that automatically wins. Saints 2 had better activities and felt more alive, Saints 3 had better story and more holyshitwhatdidIjustdo moments.

Does Saints Row 3 have aliens?

You have superpowers and exist in a Matrix-like simulation. There are aliens . While some hardcore fans of the franchise may argue that SR4 is “jumping the shark,” the game still feels like an appropriate addition to the Saints Row lineup, with its crass humor and over-the-top action.

Is Johnny Gat in Saints Row 3?

Johnny Gat is a character in Saints Row , Saints Row 2, Saints Row : The Third , Saints Row IV and Saints Row : Gat out of Hell.