Military base synonym

What is another term for a base?

What is another word for base?

bottom foot
fundamental base position
underneath chassis
subframe rudiment
cradle fundamentals

What is a military post called?

Types: fort, garrison. a fortified military post where troops are stationed. outpost .

What’s another name for a soldier?

Synonyms for fighter. guard. guerrilla . marine. mercenary. officer. veteran. volunteer.

What is the antonym of base?

base (verb) debased; not genuine. “an attempt to eliminate the base coinage” Antonyms : noble, echt, incidental, incident, right, superior, legitimate, genuine.

What is another name for base two?

A base -2 number system is called binary and a base -10 system decimal, but what how does one term number systems based on 3, 4, 5, 8 or 12 ?

What is a Presidio mean?

A presidio (from the Spanish, presidio , meaning “jail” or “fortification”) is a fortified base established by the Spanish in areas under their control or influence. The term is derived from the Latin word praesidium meaning protection or defense.

What is living on a military base like?

Base living tends to be pretty safe, since bases are gated and guarded at all hours. Parents often feel safe letting their kids walk to the neighbors’ house or to the playground. Adults sit on their porches at night, and have barbecues on the weekends, and you don’t have to worry if you forget to lock your car.

Who is responsible for naming military bases?

Army Regulation 210-10, dated 1 July 1939, established a formal policy on naming installations , but stated only that “All military posts will be named by the Secretary of War.” In 1937, however, the War Department had stated informally that those honored should be distinguished deceased persons “who either were born in

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What is a professional soldier called?

mercenary. nounperson who fights, kills for money. hireling. legionnaire. merc.

What do soldiers call their leaders?

Military ranks and insignia of various nations

Commissioned officers
Colonel Captain Group captain
Lieutenant colonel Commander Wing commander
Major or commandant Lieutenant commander Squadron leader
Captain Lieutenant Flight lieutenant

What does GI stand for?

general issue

What is the antonyms of beautiful?

Antonyms for beautiful awkward. bad. coarse. crude. drab. dull. homely. horrible.

Is Base another word for alkali?

Alkali Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus . What is another word for alkali ?

alkaline basic
salty soluble
acrid alkalescent
antacid bitter
caustic high pH

What does base mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1a : the bottom of something considered as its support : foundation the base of the mountain the lamp’s heavy base . b biology : that part of a bodily organ by which it is attached to another more central structure of the organism the base of the thumb.