Military base key tarkov

Where does the military checkpoint key go?

Used for. Unlocks the Military base checkpoint gatehouse on the main road at the Customs boiler tanks area.

Where do I find my factory key?

Head to the Dorms area of the map in the middle of the forest and the west-side building will be the three storey dorms. Enter through the front door and immediately open the door on your left. The Factory Key can spawn on the table in front of the broken TV.

What is the marked key for escape from tarkov?

Unlocks door 314 (surrounded by strange markings) in the three story dorms on Customs.

What can spawn in marked Room Reserve?

Not any item, keys and cards won’t spawn at least. But any spawned, key holding case, can possibly have it.

Where do I use the military base key in tarkov?

Unlocks the door at the military checkpoint tower on Customs.

What does the unknown key open?

Tasks. The Unknown key is a optional requirement of The Extortionist. It is used to unlock the construction site container in which the Secure case for documents 0048 can be found.

How much is factory exit key worth?

Tarkov – Factory exit key – price : 61,420₽

How many ammo are in Escape from tarkov?


What key is marked room customs?

The keys you need are: Room 214 and the Marked Room (314) are found in the three-story dorms. Room 105, 110, and 114 are found in the two-story dorms. The customs office key opens the Customs office, which is accessible from the big red customs building.

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How does flea market work tarkov?

You can either strip it and sell the parts individually, or you can put it up for a price you think is fair, and wait for that lucky player searching for a nice AKM to come across it in the listing. Once you’ve decided, you can select add offer in the Flea Market and choose the weapon from your stash.