Military base in seattle washington

What military bases are in Seattle Washington?

Seattle-Tacoma Military Bases. Joint Base Lewis-McChord . Fort Lewis . McChord Field. Naval Base Kitsap. Naval Base Kitsap – Bremerton. Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor. Naval Hospital Bremerton. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Naval Station Everett. Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound .

How many army bases are in Washington state?

seven military bases

Does Seattle have a naval base?

Naval Station Puget Sound is a former United States Naval station located on Sand Point in Seattle , Washington. Today, the land is occupied by Magnuson Park.

How far is Fort Lewis Army base from Seattle?

36 miles

How far is Bremerton from Seattle?

14 miles

How far is Tacoma from Seattle?

Distance from Seattle to Tacoma The shortest distance (air line) between Seattle and Tacoma is 24.98 mi (40.20 km). The shortest route between Seattle and Tacoma is 33.45 mi ( 53.83 km ) according to the route planner.

Which state has the most military bases?


What army bases are in Washington state?

Military Bases in Washington State Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, WA: McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, WA: Fort Lewis Army Base in Pierce, WA: Naval Base Kitsap in Silverdale, WA. Naval Station Everett in Everett, WA. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, WA. Camp Murray Base in Tacoma, WA:

What forts are in Washington state?

All six former U.S. Army forts are now owned by the State of Washington and have become state parks. The Defense of Puget Sound. Fort Flagler . Fort Casey (and Fort Ebey) Fort Worden. Other Harbor Defense Fortifications.

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What is the largest military base in the United States?

Fort Bragg

What is the naval base in Washington state?

Naval Base Kitsap

What navy ships are in Washington?

The ships homeported at Naval Station Everett include: USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) USS Shoup (DDG 86) USS Momsen (DDG 92 ) USS Ford (FFG 54) USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) USS Ingraham (FFG 61) USCGC Henry Blake (WLM-563 ) USCGC Blue Shark (WPB 87360 )

How many soldiers are stationed at Fort Lewis?

JBLM has more than 25,000 soldiers and civilian workers. The post supports over 120,000 military retirees and more than 29,000 family members living both on and off post. Fort Lewis proper contains 86,000 acres (350 km2); the Yakima Training Center covers 324,000 acres (1,310 km2).

What units are stationed at Fort Lewis?

Units/Tenants I Corps . 62nd Airlift Wing . 627th Air Base Group . Madigan Army Medical Center. 7th Infantry Division . 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command . Regional Health Command Pacific. 1st Special Forces Group.

Does Fort Lewis deploy?

The consolidation of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force base began operation as a Joint Base in January 2010. Fort Lewis also served as a major training and personnel center for overseas deployment during World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.