Military base in alabama

What Air Force bases are in Alabama?

Maxwell Air Force Base (IATA: MXF, ICAO: KMXF, FAA LID: MXF), officially known as Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base , is a United States Air Force (USAF) installation under the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The installation is located in Montgomery, Alabama, US.

Where in Alabama is Fort Rucker?

The Army Aviation Warfighting Center, Fort Rucker, Alabama, is located in the southeast corner of Alabama. The post is located in Dale County. Fort Rucker is approximately 80 miles south of Montgomery and 20 miles northwest of Dothan.

What army post is in Alabama?

Fort Rucker

Is there an air force base in Huntsville Alabama?

Redstone Army Airfield or Redstone AAF (IATA: HUA, ICAO: KHUA, FAA LID: HUA) is a military airport located at Redstone Arsenal, six miles (10 km) southwest of the city of Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama , United States.

What is the largest Air Force base in the world?

Fort Bragg

What US state has the most military bases?


What units are at Fort Rucker?

Major Units Report 110th Aviation Brigade . Command: 110th Aviation Brigade . 128th Aviation Brigade. 164th Theater Airfield Operations Group . 1st Aviation Brigade . 1st Battalion 11th Aviation Regiment. 1st Battalion 13th Avaition Regiment. 1st Battalion 145th Aviaition Regiment. 1st Battalion 14th Aviation Regiment.

What city is closest to Fort Rucker Alabama?

Fort Rucker is located in the southeastern corner of Alabama, about 80 miles south of Montgomery and 20 miles northwest of Dothan .

Is Fort Rucker open to the public?

When accessing Fort Rucker , visitors must present a visitor access card and a valid Government-issued picture identification card in order to access Fort Rucker . To obtain a visitor access card, you will need a valid government-issued picture identification, such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID or passport.

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How many army bases are in Alabama?


What fort is in Alabama?

Come experience Fort Morgan , famous for its role in the Battle of Mobile Bay. Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson Park is a significant archaeological site. This area, where the Coosa and Tallapoosa meet to form the mighty Alabama River, has been occupied for 10,000 years.

Is Fort Rucker a good duty station?

Fort Rucker is a great place to live and work that operates much like any hometown. After all, this post is virtually a small city with approximately 5,000 active duty personnel, another 10,000 civilian personnel, and around 3,000 family members living on the installation.

What military branch has the highest crime rate?

Assaults increased across all branches, but the Marine Corps , which has proportionally more young, low-ranking troops and far fewer women than the other services, reported by far the highest rates. One in 10 surveyed women in the Marines reported being assaulted, twice the rate of either the Army or the Air Force .

Why is it called Redstone Arsenal?

Redstone Arsenal history The base obtained the name Redstone , because of the predominance of red soil in the land. The military installations initially comprised three entities, Huntsville Arsenal , Huntsville Depot and Redstone Ordnance Plant. All three were consolidated into Redstone Arsenal in 1949.

How far is Fort Rucker from Huntsville?

239.61 miles