Lawton ok military base

What military bases are in Oklahoma?

Beyond providing for our national security, the military installations in Oklahoma ( Altus AFB , Fort Sill , McAlester Army Ammu- nition Plant, Tinker AFB , and Vance AFB ) have a tremendous economic impact in the state. They are economic engines that employ Oklahomans.

What kind of base is Fort Sill?

Home to the Field Artillery Training Command, Fort Sill is located in Comanche County, Southwest Oklahoma, adjacent to the city of Lawton and 90 miles Southwest of Oklahoma City.

Is Fort Sill a good duty station?

Whether you are here permanent party, attending CCC, BOLC, or just stop by briefly for basic training, Fort Sill is a great duty station to experience. The home of the Fires Center of Excellence truly feels like just that, a home.

Is Fort Sill open to the public?

Two gates are open 24/7 – Key Gate West and Bentley Gate at Sheridan Road. During normal business hours a total of six gates are open . At the gates themselves, Fort Sill has taken certain steps to mitigate the risk of catching COVID-19.

How many military bases are there in Oklahoma?

6 Bases

What is the largest US military base in the world?

Fort Bragg

Does Fort Sill have basic training?

Basic Combat Training (BCT) is ten weeks, not counting your Reception week. Fort Sill basic training will transform you from an average civilian into a disciplined, motivated, physically fit Soldier. You’ll believe in teamwork and live the Army’s seven core values both in and out of uniform.

How many soldiers are at Fort Sill?


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What Mos goes to Fort Sill for basic?

Yes. All 13-series ( Field Artillery CMF) MOS’s in the U.S. Army attend Field Artillery OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which is combined basic and AIT, at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Is Fort Sill still active?

An enduring legacy – Fort Sill aviation The unit today is not active .

What is Fort Sill known for?

Long known as the home of the U.S. Army’s Field Artillery, Fort Sill evolved from a frontier cavalry post into one of the most important military installations in the United States.

Who trains at Fort Sill?

Fort Sill’s mission is to train artillery Soldiers and train them well. To do that, they are trained day and night to put “steel on target.” Fort Sill’s three-pronged approach to training and preparedness makes it one of the best training posts in the Army.

Is Fort Sill allowing visitors?

Visitors . All visitors , whether you need a pass for a day or for a year, must complete a Fort Sill Form 118a, Request for Unescorted Installation Access to Fort Sill .

How long is Army boot camp?

about ten weeks

What units are stationed at Fort Sill?

Major Units Report 30th Air Defense Artillery BDE. Command: 30th Air Defense Artillery BDE. 31st Air Defense Artillery BDE. Command: 31st Air Defense Artillery BDE. 428th FA Brigade . Command: 428th FA Brigade . 434 FA Brigade . Command: 434 FA Brigade . 75th Fires Brigade . Command: 75th Fires Brigade . 77th Army Band .