Jailbreak military base

Where is the military base in jailbreak?

The Military Base is a location in Jailbreak . Added in the Military Update, the base is found in the Desert/Dunes next to the Dune Buggy spawn. Police officers can randomly spawn at this location, and criminals who are equipped with Police Attire can enter this location.

What does the force field gun do in jailbreak?

As the name suggests, its main function is deploying forcefields. The aiming of the Forcefield Launcher is controlled by the mouse cursor, similar to missiles. When fired, the weapon shoots out a small purple orb, which expands into a larger spherical forcefield after touching the ground.

What is the volcano base in jailbreak?

The Volcano Base is also where players collect their uranium, Passenger Train and Museum cash, however rarely criminals can also collect their jewelry store cash in the Volcano Base . The base is easy to miss for new players, as there is nothing to point out its existence except for a faint dirt trail.

Where is the nuke in jailbreak?

When players are at level 50, or if they wish to spend R$20,000(200 US$), they can go to the missile control room of the Military Base to launch a nuke .

What is the fastest car in Roblox jailbreak?


Is the McLaren faster than the Lamborghini in jailbreak?

Its launch speed is similar to the Model 3 and R8 but all other super/hypercars all exceeds the McLaren . Launch provides a rather weak burst of speed, but acceleration to top speed is quite good, taking only about eight seconds, which is better than even the Lamborghini .