Fort campbell military base

Is Fort Campbell an army base?

Fort Campbell (post address is located in Kentucky) is a United States Army installation located astride the Kentucky–Tennessee border between Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee. Fort Campbell is home to the 101st Airborne Division and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

What kind of base is Fort Campbell?

Fort Campbell is a restricted-access base .

Where is Fort Campbell Army base located?

Fort Campbell lies on the Kentucky – Tennessee border between the towns of Hopkinsville Kentucky and Clarksville Tennessee . This active military base is home to the 101st Airborne Division.

How many troops are in Fort Campbell?

Within a year, the reservation designated as Camp Campbell was developed to accommodate one armored division and various support troops , with a total size of 102,414 acres, and billets for 2,422 officers and 45,198 enlisted personnel.

Is Fort Campbell deploying?

FORT CAMPBELL , Ky. (AP) — More than 200 soldiers from Fort Campbell are deploying to Kuwait, the 101st Airborne Division announced. Fort Campbell is a sprawling Army post that straddles the Kentucky-Tennessee line. Copyright 2020 The Associated Press.

How far is Fort Campbell from Fort Knox?

120.35 miles

What units are at Fort Campbell?

Major Units Report 101 Airborne Divison Artillery (DIVARTY) 101 Combat Aviation Brigade . 101st Airborne Division ( Air Assault) Staff Duty. 101st Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion. 101st Sustainment Brigade . 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) 19th Air Support Operations Squadron .

What military installations are in Tennessee?

The Navy’s Mid-South base and Arnold AFB are the only military bases in Tennessee. There are no Army, Marine, or Coast Guard bases in TN.

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How many army bases are in Kentucky?


Can civilians get on Fort Campbell?

A visitor pass can be issued for up to 90 days for all non-DoD personnel. This includes all non-DoD passengers riding in a non-DoD person’s vehicle. In addition to providing passes for non-affiliated visitors to Fort Campbell , the Visitor Control Centers also conduct RAPIDGate Credentialing, and Weapons Registration.

What is there to do in Fort Campbell Kentucky?

7 Adventures for the Whole Family to Love Near Fort Campbell, Kentucky Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center — 30 Minutes Away. Historic Collinsville — 50 Minutes Away. Dunbar Cave State Park — 30 Minutes Away. Mammoth Cave National Park — 2 Hours Away. Clarksville Greenway — 30 Minutes Away.

How close is Fort Campbell to Nashville?

51.90 miles

Who are the best trained soldiers?

1. The US Navy SEALs is arguably the top special operations force . Created in 1962, the Sea-Air-Land operators go through years of training and, especially after 9/11, endure an incredible operation tempo. Many foreign militaries base their special ops on the SEALs.

What is the closest city to Fort Campbell?


Is the 101st Airborne Special Forces?

The 101st Airborne Division (“Screaming Eagles”) is a light infantry division of the United States Army specializing in air assault operations. More recently, the 101st Airborne has been performing foreign internal defense and counterterrorism operations within Iraq and Afghanistan.