What to say to a military recruiter

How do I talk to a military recruiter?

These 10 tips will make sure you’re prepared for your interview. Have No Fear. Remember you are under no obligation when speaking to a recruiter . Go with Someone. Know the ASVAB. Be stationed where you want. Get paid more. Choose your commitment. Correct the contract before signing. Get it in writing.

What should I ask a military recruiter?

Questions You Should Ask ANY Recruiter , Regardless of Branch Why should I join the ( Army , Navy, Air Force, Marines)? What are the requirements for joining? What is the minimum length of my service commitment? How long is boot camp / basic training? Can I choose when to go to boot camp?

What do you say to a recruiter?

How to Talk to a Recruiter Accommodate Their Schedule as Best You Can. If a recruiter catches you and you have the time to talk , take the call. Probe a Little. Try to learn as much as you can from recruiters so that you can, in turn, give them what they need. Make Your Story Easy to Repeat. Be Generous.

How do you turn down a military recruiter?

You can go to your recruiter and say, hey, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to do this any more. Your recruiter will try to change your mind to meet his or her quota, but ultimately they’ll have to let you go.

Do military recruiters lie?

Unfortunately, some (perhaps even many) recruiters do lie . Obviously it’s a detestable thing to give misleading information just to help your sales numbers, especially when it’s a substantial stretch of a recruit’s life that may result in him or her in a combat environment.

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What age should you talk to a military recruiter?

Any high-schooler who becomes serious about military service will HAVE to have a private conversation with a military representative at some point, but if your kids are NOT of legal age to enter military service (17 or older) it may be wise to delay such private discussions until age 17 if you have concerns.

Can I talk to multiple military recruiters?

Yes, because that recruiter will do everything in his power to ensure you never speak to one from another service – ever. My strongest suggestion is that you be absolutely sure of what you want from military service before you talk to the recruiters of any service.

What happens if you cry at boot camp?

You are sent to the crying room/safe space & given all the time you need. Just remember to ask your drill sergeant’s where it is when you get there. First of all, the Army does not have boot camp . Everyone cries in Basic Training (Army) or Boot Camp (Navy/Marie Corps).

What do military recruiters look for?

Outstanding citizenship, interest in community service and motivation to either lead or serve the nation are some of the top traits military recruiters are seeking.

How do you impress a recruiter?

Know your experience. Know the impact that your experience has had. Discover Your Unique Strengths. Apply your past experience to the job you’re interviewing for. Have a conversation. Ask the right questions. Talk about the organization’s culture, and how you fit. Send a thoughtful follow-up note after your interview.

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What are recruiter looking for?

They are tasked with distributing the job posting, intaking applications and resumes, sourcing candidates, and narrowing the applicant pool. Corporate recruiters do not make the final hiring decision, but are tasked with delivering a handful of the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager .

What should you never say to a recruiter?

6 Things to Never Say to a Recruiter “I’ll take anything (any role at your company)” “Sure, that sounds like a good salary.” “My previous company was horrible.” “My former boss won’t give me a good recommendation because he/she was threatened by me.” “I know my interview is today, but can we reschedule?”

Why do recruiters lie?

Sadly, some recruiters lie to job candidates to get them to go on interviews they should never have attended. The recruiter has a financial incentive to get you to take the job. They don’t have to go to that place and deal with those people every day — you do .

Can a recruiter blacklist you?

Recruiters may or may not keep an actual blacklist for job candidates. The list can be in the form of an internal document, or red flag on a candidate’s profile. Other times, recruiters may simply make a mental note of a candidate they wish to never do business with again. Recruiters don’t live and work in a bubble.

Do military recruiters target low income communities?

Military careers support thousands of families in the U.S. and that is indispensable. However, they are disproportionately recruiting at low – income schools because they know that higher- income students don’t need the financial security that joining the military offers.