What does xo mean in military

What is an XO in the military?

In many militaries, an executive officer , or ” XO “, is the second-in-command, reporting to the commanding officer. The XO is typically responsible for the management of day-to-day activities, freeing the commander to concentrate on strategy and planning the unit’s next move.

What is the job of an XO?

The XO is typically responsible for the management of day-to-day activities, freeing the commander to concentrate on planning the unit’s next move. The XO also takes charge in the absence of the commander, and the position is frequently a stepping stone to a command position .”

What rank is a company XO?

Aviation companies can have as few as 40 personnel, while some specialized companies such as maintenance or training units are considerably larger and may number as many as 500 personnel. In some forces, the second-in-command of a company is called the executive officer (XO).

Can an XO relieve a captain?

By order of a medical officer, a Naval ship’s commanding officer may be relieved of duties on medical grounds only. The executive officer may not relieve the CO unless ordered to do so by a superior commander.

What is the highest ranking officer on an aircraft carrier?

Vice Admiral

What rank commands a carrier?


How much does an XO in the Navy make?

Average U.S. Navy Executive Officer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $97,479, which is 14% above the national average .

What is the pay grade of a battalion XO?

The typical US Army Battalion Executive Officer salary is $93,485. Battalion Executive Officer salaries at US Army can range from $54,789 – $174,817.

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What is the battalion executive officer XO mainly responsible for?

Description: The cadet battalion executive officer ( XO ) supervises, directs, and coordinates the cadet battalion staff to prevent overlapping efforts and to ensure that the commander’s desires are understood and achieved.

What rank is a platoon leader?

A platoon leader (NATO) or platoon commander (more common in Commonwealth militaries and the US Marine Corps) is the officer in charge of a platoon. This person is usually a junior officer – a second or first lieutenant or an equivalent rank. The officer is usually assisted by a platoon sergeant.

Is Major a high rank?

In the United States Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, major is a field grade military officer rank above the rank of captain and below the rank of lieutenant colonel. The pay grade for the rank of major is O-4.

Is a sergeant major an officer?

A sergeant major is an appointment, not a rank. It is normally held by the senior warrant officer of an army or marine unit. The sergeant – major of a unit is responsible to the commanding officer for advising them on matters relating to non-commissioned members (NCMs) of that unit.

Who is the XO on a submarine?

Executive Officer

What is Navy XO and co?

Reflecting its nautical heritage, it also sometimes used as a military “title” by more junior officers who are serving as the commanding officer ( CO ) of a commissioned vessel of the U.S. Navy of patrol boat size or greater. The XO also takes charge in the absence of the Commanding Officer.

What is Navy command triad?

The Naval Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) was established to prepare the command triad (master chiefs/chiefs of the boat, executive officers, and commanding officers) and their support teams for success. The center also provides short-term leadership training for other Navy department heads.