Mass effect 3 how to get 5000 effective military strength

Is there a way for Shepard to survive me3?

In order to get the absolute perfect ending and unlock the secret ending showing the survival of Commander Shepard , you must: Reach 5000 Effective Military Strength (EMS) NOT 5000 Total Military Strength. You must also choose to DESTROY the Reapers (NOT synthesis or control).

Can you get the best ending in me3 without multiplayer?

You can get the best ending without playing multiplayer if you download the extended cut expansion for the game. With the extended cut expansion they reduce the number of war assets needed to get all endings from 5,000 down to 3,100.

Which Mass Effect 3 ending is best?

The best variant of the Destroy ending (no, not THE best ending out of all of them) with new cutscenes and epilogue slides from the Extended Cut DLC; Reapers and synthetics are destroyed, Earth is saved, the Galaxy rebuilds itself, the Normandy crew and Shepard survive.

How do I get 5000 EMS?

In order to get 5000 EMS , you have to have at least 10000 in war assets with Galactic Readiness at 50%.

What happens in Mass Effect 3 if Shepard dies in 2?

Mass Effect 3 , as with the rest of the trilogy, is Shepard’s story. If you have a dead Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 2 , that saved game won’t import into Mass Effect 3 . You can play Mass Effect 3 if you died in Mass Effect 2 of course, but you’ll have to create a new Shepard .

Can Shepard survive me3 without multiplayer?

Re: How to survive ( Shepard ) without playing multiplayer ? It was impossible in vanilla, but with the free Extended Cut DLC, which I heartily recommend, the requirement was lowered to 3100 EMS, which can be attained without multiplayer .

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Which me3 ending is canon?

While there is no decided canon ending, as KnightEnchanter states, there is a canon playthrough of Mass Effect. One that can be determined by starting ME3 with a default Shepard as it’ll decide on the choices done in ME(1) and ME2.

How old is Tali Zorah?

Tali was 22 and she’s the same age as Jack. Kasumi is older by a year. Liara is born fifty years from now.

Does EDI survive the destroy ending?

In some places like Tvtropes and other boards, they mention that “According to the writers”, EDI and the Geth survive the destroy ending provided your EMS is high enough.

Can Shepard Die in Mass Effect 2?

In this ending only Joker survives the last mission. The whole team (including Shepard ) is dead + the collector’s base is destroyed.

Can Shepard survive Mass Effect 3?

Shepard is indeed alive at the end of the “Destroy” ending.

Does Garrus Die in Mass Effect 3?

Garrus plays many roles throughout the rest of Mass Effect 3 , and is once again a sniper specialist. Depending on the choices made throughout the game, and the total galactic readiness rating, it is possible for Garrus to die , killed by Harbinger.

What EMS do I need for the best ending?

If you think the Control ending is best , you must obtain least a 2350 EMS score for the most preferable Control outcome. If you want your Shepard to possibly survive, the only way to do this is to obtain at least a 4000 EMS score and choose the Destruction option.

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How do you increase EMS in Mass Effect 3?

Finishing Quests Almost every quest and mission in Mass Effect 3 will reward you with War Assets. To get your EMS as high as possible, you’ll want to complete every quest offered, and talk to as many people as possible. Taking to people, especially people on the Citadel, can unlock new quests.