How to dress for a military ball

What should you not wear to a military ball?

In a military ball , service members wear dress blue or class A uniforms while guests complement them with formal attire. Women wear knee- to floor-length gowns, but also have the option of cocktail dresses, as long as detailing is minimal. Patterns and bright colors should be avoided.

What color dress should you wear to a military ball?

Many people match their dress to the service member’s uniform. The Army can end up with a room full of blue or gold dresses , while the Marine Corps Ball is full of black or red gowns . Want to stand out and get a lot of compliments? Wear an unrelated color like orange or purple!

Can you wear red to a military ball?

DO experiment with color. Too often, military ball dates wear dark or muted colored attire. That’s fine if it’s what you like, but you aren’t obligated to wear dark only. You can experiment with colors like red , pink, bright purple, green, etc. The only colors you should stay away from are neons.

Is there a dress code for the Marine Corps ball?

As Marines will be wearing their Dress Blues female guests should select a floor length gown to match the formality of the dress uniform. Male guests should wear a suit and tie or tuxedo. Do be respectful of tradition. One of the highlights of the evening is the ceremony.

Can you wear a white dress to a military ball?

Can you wear white to a military ball ? Most military balls are considered formal, white tie events. That means your service member will be wearing his or her dressiest uniform. Female military spouses and dates should wear formal dresses either floor-length or no shorter than just below the knee.

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Can you wear a strapless dress to a military ball?

You can wear a strapless gown to the military ball , some units still follow tradition that shoulders are covered during the receiving line, so bring an evening wrap or bolero jacket, if you are not sure.

What do female service members wear to a military ball?

Female service members will wear a ‘mess dress’ or other appropriate version of their service dress uniform. Some however, may elect to wear full-length evening gown or cocktail dress. They will receive guidance from their command on which is allowed.

Can girlfriends attend military balls?

The best thing about the ball is that anyone in the battalion can come, and the service members are allowed to bring one guest. This rule can be bent a little if someone wants to bring their parents. I have had the great honor of attending several military balls in the past.

How do you act on a military ball?

Best military ball etiquette basics. Keep the dress floor length if possible. Cover as much skin as your grandma would appreciate. Avoid anything super flashy. Consider what your service member is wearing when choosing your dress. Wear something that fits your body well.

Can you hug a soldier in uniform?

Holding Hands: Military personnel are not allowed to hold hands while in uniform . Males may escort women or help the elderly, but affectionate hand holding is a no-no. Right Hand: Your spouse is required to keep his or her right hand empty in order to salute at any time.

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Are military balls mandatory?

Service members without dates. For some branches, attending the ball is mandatory , even if you don’t have a date. So, yes you can be ordered to attend the ball , no you do not have to pay for a meal.

What do you wear to a military dinner?

Wear a tuxedo with a white tie if you’re a civilian male attending an official formal dinner . Wear a tuxedo for all other military dinners . Wear an evening gown if you’re a civilian female attending any type of military dinner . You can choose to wear a cocktail dress if you’re attending a less formal military dinner .

Will there be a Marine Corps Ball 2020?

The top enlisted Marine had warned in July that celebrations of the service’s 245th birthday in November would probably be limited due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now the top Marine officer has canceled the 2020 Commandant’s Birthday Ball as a necessary step to “protect our people.”

Do all Marines go to the ball?

Not on active duty, anyway. A Marine Corps ball , sponsored by a particular unit is open only to members of that unit, spouses, and a few honored guests. Balls are also sponsored by the Marine Corps League for former and retired Marines .

What can I expect at a Marine ball?

The Ball is filled with tradition, and there are going to be ceremonies that embrace the rich history of the Marines . Marines will present the colors and the national anthem will be played. There will more than likely be some guests of honor that will make a speech and play a birthday video.