How long is military police ait

How long is AIT in the army?

As such, AIT is different for each available Army career path, or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). AIT courses can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 7 months, and possibly more for foreign language training.

How much time is between basic and AIT?

Yeah, about 12–24 hours where you’ll be in transit from your basic training post, to the post where you’ll attend AIT .

Do military police officers see combat?

Yes MPs do see combat . We do everything from law and order to actual combat mission in combat zones. Military Police do a lot of things.

Can soldiers have their phones during AIT?

Soldiers in AIT should bring their military-issued clothing, shaving and hygiene materials, towels and washcloths, and two sets of casual civilian clothing. Personal computers, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices are authorized for use once a Soldier reaches Tier 1 status.

What job in the army has the shortest AIT?

Summary: Patient Administration Specialist AIT takes place at Fort Sam Houston. It lasts seven weeks making it one of the shortest training periods for a medical-related MOS.

Do you get weekends off in AIT?

AIT Weekend Passes Weekend passes throughout AIT will be determined by the unit. In some cases, Soldiers may receive an on-base liberty pass for the weekend during Phase IV. As time progresses through AIT , Soldiers will be granted more privileges including an overnight pass for the weekend .

Can family visit during AIT?

Visitation during basic training is only allowed for family day and graduation. The longer his AIT is, the more likely it is that he will have more freedom. While the family can still move to the location of AIT , they will not be able to live on post and the Army will not pay for the move.

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Does AIT start right after basic?

Whether you go right after Basic Combat Training or after your Phase 2 RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program) training, you’ll eventually go to Advanced Individual Training ( AIT ). In all likelihood, unless you’re in One Station Unit Training (OSUT), your AIT will be at a different post from your BCT.

Can you get married during AIT?

Definitely not! Wait until he’s on leave to his first duty station, or until he arrives there. The process is a lot smoother that way, and easier to plan and implement too.

Do military outrank police?

They do different things. The military isn’t allowed to carry out police actions, while police need to operate within their nation’s borders. If martial law were declared, military would outrank all local police departments. But as it is now, they don’t really get involved with each other.

Is military police training hard?

Well, the training itself isn’t what makes it difficult . It’s the Army so we don’t expect you to know everything coming in. Whatever you do, you’re doing for the first time and that’s taken into account. It can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with it or didn’t pay attention though.

What powers do military police have?

The new force would be able to access bank records, undertake covert operations, have “coercive investigations powers vis-a-vis the criminal corruption commissions” and the ability to search properties outside military bases.

What is 35f AIT like?

AIT will consist of classroom and field training on different technologies that will be used, as well as proper information gathering and communication techniques. Skills that are helpful in this MOS: Ability to communicate, think, write and speak clearly. Desire to work in a job that requires reading maps and charts.

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What can you send to soldiers in AIT?

What You Can Send to Your Soldier in Basic Training Address book. Baby wipes, unscented. Bar soap, unscented. Black Pens. Cash less than $50. Dental floss Deodorant, unscented. Digital watch (black band) Envelopes.

Can you go home for Christmas during AIT?

yes you do get to go home for Christmas during AIT . You will get 10 to 14 days of leave . This means you will be able to take less days after your graduate from AIT . If you take leave make sure that you report back in time so you do not get into trouble!