How long does it take for military crates to respawn in rust

How long does it take for elite crates to Respawn in Rust?

Never miss a Moment A big nerf to elite crates just came down. They now spawn every 2 hours (instead of 20 minutes), have half the items as before, and there is one less at launch site.

How long does military tunnels take to Respawn?

These elite crates can re-spawn within 25 minutes if you decide to camp the area. Accessing this area doesn’t require any of the monument’s puzzles to be activated as it’s an open space. Many players will enter the tunnels to get the elite crates and head straight back out simply.

Where are military crates in Rust?

Military Crate The Military Crate (also known as the Gun Crate ) contains higher quality items than Basic Crates or Tool Boxes. These crates are only found in Monuments.

How long does it take for green card to Respawn rust?

Loot. Not much is known about the loot yet although we do know it will respawn every 30 minutes and is different from monument to monument.

Where is the best loot in Rust?

Top 10 Loot Locations in Rust Green Military Crates. Blue Military Crates. Loot Crates. The Floor. Blue/Yellow Barrels. Red Barrels. Cave Carts. Believe it or not, you can find anything from low grade fuel to high quality metal in these containers. Food Crates. Wherever you find barrels, you’ll find food crates.

How often do puzzles reset rust?

every 30 minutes

Is there a recycler at military tunnels?

The Military Tunnels provides access to a Recycler that can be found inside the sheet metal shed.

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What key cards do you need for military tunnels?

For the Military tunnels you need 1 fuse, 1 green card , 1 blue card ánd 1 red card . And of course you need a radsuit. Once inside continue to the right until you reach a door on your right hand side.

Where do elite crates spawn rust?

Elite Crates can be found at the Launch Site, Military Tunnel and the Oil Rig monuments in procedural. These crates contain loot that tends to be more rare than red toolboxes and military crates .

How many heavy scientists are on the oil rigs?

Armed and patrolling scientists protect each level of the large oil rig monument. In total, there are 23 blue scientists patrolling the various levels.

What is the green card for rust?

The Green Keycard is an item found in Lighthouses, Supermarkets and Junkyards. They are also dropped by Scientists. It can also be found rarely in Large Crates.

How long does it take for monuments to Respawn rust?

The poster of this video tells us the following: I tested it myself about 40 times and found it takes an average of 5 minutes for crates to respawn, they can take up to 9 minutes but they can often take 2 so don’t go too far.

What key card do you need for sewer branch?

If a player has an Electric Fuse and Green Keycard it is possible to complete a puzzle that leads to a loot room. Beyond the green door players can expect to find 3+ basic crates a Blue Keycard and on occasion, a green military crate.