Where is georgia military college located

Is Georgia Military College closed?

Georgia Military College to Suspend In-Seat Learning Effective Immediately, All Classes Held Online. With that in mind, Georgia Military College will close its 14 campuses to Junior College students effective immediately until March 29, 2020.

Is Georgia Military College a 4 year school?

Accredited public-independent liberal arts college with a primary mission as a two- year college . Fifteen college campuses located throughout Georgia . Global Online College campus that serves more than 4,000 fully online students.

Is Georgia Military College Public or private?

” Georgia Military College is public in name, it’s public in funding, it’s public in charter, but it charges tuition and operates as a private school,” said the Rev. Edward B. Nelson, a Methodist minister and former president of the Baldwin High School parent-teacher association.

Does Georgia Military College have dorms?

Georgia Military College provides housing for all male and female boarding cadets in Baugh Barracks. GMC has no facilities on-campus for housing students other than cadets, nor does GMC sponsor any off-campus housing.

What colleges are in Milledgeville GA?

Georgia College Georgia Military College American Professional Institute

What classes does Georgia Military College offer?


Is GMC a 2 year college?

Georgia Military College has 14 campuses and a Global Online College – all provide opportunities to attend college , complete your Core Curriculum, and earn a 2 – year Associate degree or a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

How do military colleges work?

Military colleges offer a combination of military instruction and higher education. Attending a military college can give you the opportunity to get a college education and a military job after getting your degree; some military colleges even require you to serve in the military after graduation.

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Is Georgia Military College d1?

GMC had 10 players sign national letters of intent Wednesday morning to play football for four-year colleges in Division I, Division I-AA and a Division II national championship team. Isaac is a South Carolina native and said getting the chance to play for Steve Spurrier is a great opportunity.

Is Georgia Military College a community college?

Georgia Military College ( GMC ) is a public military -focused educational institution in Milledgeville, Georgia . It is divided into the junior college , a military junior college program, high school, and middle school. Georgia Military College .

Type Military Junior College
Athletics Bulldogs
Colors Red and black
Website www. gmc .edu