What is the acronym for the generic term the military uses for various job fields

What does the acronym job stand for?


Acronym Definition
JOB Just Over Broke
JOB Job Object
JOB Java Objects for Business
JOB Job Opportunity Bulletin

What does Dor stand for in the military?

Drop On Request

What are some army terms?

Army Terms

Term 1st Lt.
Definition Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Term ACC
Definition See Army Community Covenant
Term ACE

What does kit mean in the military?

Keep It Tight

Does Job mean Just Over Broke?

There’s a saying that goes j-o-b is an acronym for ” Just Over Broke .” Most workers live within their means ; they work and pay the bills. An extract from the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” written by Robert T.

What does job mean in slang?

To punch or hit somebody- Shut yer yapper or I’ll job ya’ Last edited on Jan 24 2012.

What does the term Whiskey Tango mean?

whiskey tango foxtrot Meaning : WTF (what the f*ck). Origin: NATO phonetic alphabet—W for “ Whiskey ,” T for “ Tango ,” F for “Foxtrot.”

What does Lima Charlie mean?

Loud and Clear

What does 5 mikes out mean?

In the phonetic alphabet “ Mike ” is a stand-in for “M.” “ Mike -Bravo 564746” is a grid coordinate that gives you a rough area. “We’re five mikes out .” means they’re five minutes or miles.

Can a civilian beat a soldier?

Yes of course a single civilian can beat a soldier . Do soldiers ever drop their weapon during combat?

What does Hotel Sierra mean?

10. Sierra Hotel or sometimes Hotel Sierra . When that new lieutenant makes it through his first field training exercise without getting his platoon lost, you’ve got a sierra hotel lieutenant. If he gets them lost every day and then accidentally calls for fire on his company headquarters, he’s hotel sierra .

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What is slang for Army soldier?


What does Bravo Zulu mean?

well done

What does the term Bravo Foxtrot mean?

Ready for Action

What does full kit mean?

universal (infection control) precautions