What is an les in the military

What is a military Les form?

The Military Leave And Earnings Statement ( LES ) is basically a pay stub for military members. It shows the amount of pay, the amount of tax deductions, and your entitlements.

How do you get a military Les?

How do employees get copies of their military leave and earnings statements ( LES )? Employees can access their LESs through their military pay account, MyPay. MyPay stores only the previous 3 months of LESs for reservists. If employees need copies of older LESs, contact MyPay customer service at 1-888-332-7411.

What is Save pay on Les?

Answer. If an enlisted member accepts an appointment as an officer or if a warrant officer accepts an appointment as a commissioned officer, Saved Pay (or ” Save Pay “) will offset any differences in pay if the enlisted or warrant officer pay was greater.

How do you read a USMC Les?

Section A – IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION. Box 1 – NAME. Last name, first name, and middle initial. Box 2 – SSN. Social Security Number. Page 3 Box 3 – RANK. Pay grade (Rank) for which basic pay is determined. Box 4 – SERV.

What is lose on Les?

Used – The cumulative amount of leave used during the current fiscal year, or term of enlistment. Cr Bal – The current leave balance as of the end of the period covered by the LES . Use / Lose – The projected number of days of leave that will be lost if not taken on in the current fiscal year on a monthly basis.

What does CR FWD mean on an LES?

Credit Forward

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How do I get my military Les online?

First, you must access the MyPay website by going to http://mypay.dfas.mil. Second, you must have your social security number or your MyPay Login ID. First time users may log in with their social security number and will then be required to create a Login ID.

How does an allotment work?

Allotments are split evenly between two paychecks per month. For example, a $500 allotment would deduct $250 from the first paycheck of the month and $250 from the second paycheck of the month. Allotments can be started and stopped through the myPay website or using DD Form 2558.

What does status Det mean on Les?

If you’re in tech school and you see STATUS DET on your LES , you need to go to finance ASAP. Basically, a STATUS DET attempts to balance your deductions with your entitlements, to give you a $0 paycheck. You could also go to your finance office at any time and ask them.

Why is it important to review your Les each month?

Checking your LES is the best way to make sure that your various deductions and allotments are coming out as you intend. This includes everything from your Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) payments to Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions to allotments to Dental Premiums.

What is hardship pay?

Hardship Duty Pay (HDP) Hardship duty pay is additional compensation paid to service members assigned to locations where living conditions are substantially below those conditions in the continental U.S. (CONUS).

Is military Save pay taxable?

While all pays are taxable , most allowances are tax-exempt. The primary allowances for most individuals are BAS and BAH, which are tax-exempt. Conus COLA is one allowance that is taxable . Tax savings can be significant as BAS and BAH averages over 30% of a member’s total regular cash pay .

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How do I read my military w2?

The most frequently seen codes on military W-2s are AA, D, and Q. Code AA represents Roth TSP contributions. The AA will have a number next to it that designates the tax year for which the contributions were made. Code D represents traditional TSP contributions.

Can I access myPay without CAC?

Getting into myPay after you separate As you prepare to leave service, it’s important to update to your myPay and payroll accounts so you can easily access your pay and tax information without your Common Access Card ( CAC ). You’ll have access to your myPay account for 13 months after you leave service.

What is a Pay Entry Base Date?

Pay Entry Base Date ( PEBD ) is the date that denotes how much of your service is creditable towards longevity for pay purposes. It can be found in field 4 of your last active duty Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).