What is a co in the military

What is the rank of CO in army?

The appointment of commanding officer is exclusive to commanders of major units (regiments, battalions and similar sized units). It is customary for a commanding officer to hold the rank of lieutenant colonel, and they are usually referred to within the unit simply as “the colonel” or the CO .

Who is co in Indian Army?

Commanding Officer is responsible for the maintenance of discipline, efficiency and proper administration in the Records Office. Officer will pay particular attention to the preservation of the health of the troops. CO will monitor and control all duties performed by under his command.

Is Lt Colonel a high rank?

In the United States Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force, lieutenant colonel is a field grade officer rank , just above the rank of major and just below the rank of colonel . The pay grade for the rank of lieutenant colonel is O-5.

What is LMO position military?

LMO . Legislative Management Officer. showing only Military and Government definitions (show all 27 definitions)

What is highest rank in Army?

five-star General

Do lieutenants fight in war?

Second lieutenants are usually placed in command of all-purpose ground combat units, with more-specialized platoons reserved for the more-experienced first lieutenants . The second lieutenant’s primary task is to lead infantry soldiers into combat , working closely with the platoon sergeant and two squad leaders.

What is Indian Army salary?

Indian Army Salaries

Job Title Salary
Army Officer salaries – 15 salaries reported ₹ 1,02,041/mo
Lieutenant Colonel salaries – 12 salaries reported ₹ 1,65,510/mo
Army Officer salaries – 12 salaries reported ₹ 14,20,782/yr
Officer salaries – 10 salaries reported ₹ 1,00,405/mo
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Who is Indian army captain?

The Indian Armed Forces comprise the Army , the Air Force, and the Navy.

Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
Colonel Captain Group Captain
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander
Major Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader
Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant

What are military ranks in order?

Enlisted Ranks Private. A trainee starting Basic Combat Training. Private. Second most junior rank in the Army, and the first at which a Soldier wears rank insignia. Private First Class. Start BCT with experience or prior military training. Specialist. Corporal. Sergeant. Staff Sergeant . Sergeant First Class.

Do Colonels fight in combat?

Colonels may see combat and have their boots on the ground but the highest rank to routinely and be expected to actively participate in combat with their arms is a captain. In order to properly command a battalion or regiment (what a colonel generally commands), one cannot be actively in the fight .

What does a Lt Colonel do?

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Their primary function of Lieutenant Colonels is to serve as commanders of battalion-sized elements (around 800 soldiers). Although, they can also serve as staff officers at the brigade level or above, aiding in the planning, resourcing, and functioning of units.

Does an e9 salute an o1?

Warrant officers outrank enlisted members. So a commissioned officer in the grade of O-1 would outrank an Army sergeant major in the grade of E-9. And a W-2 grade would outrank an E-9, but also would be outranked by an O-1 .

What does ECP stand for Military?

Entry Control Point

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What does TOC stand for Military?

Tactical Operations Center

What does Ana mean military?

Afghan National Army