What does tendered to military agent mean usps

What does it mean when a package is tendered to a military agent?

Once it is tendered , it means it is delivered to the base agency .

What does tendered to Agent mean?

handed over

What does tendered to Agent mean USPS?

Tendered to Returns Agent

What does it mean when your package is tendered?

Tender a Shipment When a shipment is tendered , notice is sent to a service provider with an offer to carry the shipment .

What does a processing exception mean?

USPS processing exception means that for whatever reason, employee, weather or machine malfunction, mail has been delayed from it’s anticipated movement thru the mailstream. Per USPS this means could mean two things the addressee never lived there or they left no forwarding address.

How do I contact USPS customer service?

Contact the Customer Care Center at 877-569-6614 or email [email protected] usps .gov.

What does tendered mean?

the act of tendering ; an offer of something for acceptance. something tendered or offered, especially money, as in payment. an offer, as of money or goods, in payment or satisfaction of a debt or other obligation.

What does return Agent mean?

“Available for return agent ” is a scan USPS uses for ppl returning purchases to Macy’s, Lands End, etc that were provided a return label, USPS accepts them, return agent picks up approx 3x per week.

What does it mean when it says delivered to agent for final delivery?

This means that the courier was unable to deliver your package directly to the shipping address provided at check-out, but was able to hand off the package to another agent (unrelated to the courier) for the final delivery . For example, this could happen if you are sending the package to a university.

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What does USPS tracking say if package is seized?

Usually when a package shows that it was seized by law enforcement, it means that there was something suspect in the package . Either is smelled “funny”, was leaking and unknown liquid/powder, or an x-ray showed something in the package that looked illegal.

Why is my package just sitting at USPS?

Sounds like you probably had a non expedited parcel (not Express, Priority or First Class). These packages take longer and do sit a day or two at some sorting facility. These postal facilities do not have public access and your package cannot be located within.

What do USPS tracking numbers start?

The tracking numbers of USPS Express Mail are 13 characters long, begin with two letters, and end with “US”.

Does DHL work with USPS?

Since 2003, the Postal Service has provided last-mile delivery for DHL in over 20,000 ZIP Codes nationwide through its Parcel Select service. This expansion makes USPS the exclusive provider of delivery service to DHL for 3,600 of the nation’s 46,000 ZIP Codes through use of Priority Mail and Parcel Select service.

Does USPS deliver on Saturday?

Yes, USPS delivers on Saturday . Though USPS delivers on Saturdays , the delivery is subject to the service or mail class in use. Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items might be delivered on Saturdays .

What does it mean when a package is tendered at FedEx?

Tendered Notification: Notify the email recipient when a shipment has been taken into FedEx possession. Delivery Notification: Notify the email recipient when a shipment has been delivered.