What does pog stand for military

What is POG slang for?

Before the spread of the internet and gaming culture, ‘ pog ‘ was a small, circular piece of cardboard commonly used to play a game by children and young adults in the 1990s. Now, ‘ POG ‘ is often used in gaming to mean ‘play of the game.

Is an MP a POG?

MP’s are 100% POG . 0311 (basic infantry men), 0331 (machine gunner), 0341 (mortar men), and 0351 (assault men), are ground pounders. The rest are POGs.

Is a combat engineer a POG?

Anyone not in the Infantry is considered a POG (Person Other than Grunt). So technically a Combat Engineer is a POG .

Is Pog good or bad?

Pog means Play of the Game. It has been co-opted to be a word for shock or surprise. It’s still used as Play of the Game; especially when something great happens, chats usually spam ” POG ” to express how great the play was.

What does AFK mean?

away from keyboard

Is Pog an insult?

POG (Person Other than a Grunt) is American pejorative military slang for non-combat MOS (military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.

Are Military Police real cops?

Military Police are real police . They have patrol units that perform all the same functions as civilian police . MPs have jurisdiction on military Bases and on some certain DOD facilities. There some areas off Base where MPs have concurrent/joint jurisdiction with civilian Police .

Do Army MP see combat?

Military Police are just soldiers doing a different job. They carry weapons with live ammunition everyday. They write tickets for military members and other well above their own pay grades. MPs face combat situations in the front lawns of soldiers homes weekly.

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How dangerous is a combat engineer?

Due to the explosive nature of IEDs, the engineer walks 15-30 meters ahead of the patrol as they scan the ground for the suspicious devices. Not only are they in danger of IEDs, but taking point may also tempt enemy snipers into taking a shot.

What guns do combat engineers use?

Mechanized combat – engineer squads are organized around the armored personnel carrier (APC) and are armed with an array of rifles , squad automatic rifles , grenade launchers, light and heavy machine guns , and antitank (AT) weapons .

What does being a POG mean?

Right out of the gate, lets get to what POG stands for. It’s Person Other than Grunt. Grunts are infantry soldiers. While calling someone a “ POG ” (or the Vietnam-era spelling of ‘pogue’) is meant as an insult from the infantry ranks, there are plenty of reasons why it’s just fine to be one.

Where does Pog come from?

PogChamp, one of the oldest emotes on Twitch, is based on Gootecks, a professional Street Fighter player, and is mainly used to express surprise in response to something happening on stream.

What does Jebaited mean?

Put simply, Jebaited means you were “baited” or tricked into doing something, mostly in the context of playing video games. Sometimes it’s something in the game, or a streamer believing a troll in their chat during a broadcast.

Where did POG come from?

The name PogChamp comes from another video, uploaded in 2011, featuring Gutierrez and Ross. In a promo video, called “Pogs Championship,” for a MadCatz-brand joystick, the two play Pogs, the disk-flipping game popular in the 1990s.