How to ship to a military address

How do I ship to an APO address?

The only way to send an item to an APO , FPO or DPO address is to use the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). For shipping restrictions and helpful information on addressing and packaging, please visit the USPS at: ship / apo -fpo- dpo .htm.

How much does it cost to ship a package to an APO address?

Cost of APO / FPO Mail You only have to provide standard domestic postage on mail going to an APO or FPO address . If you pay 47 cents for a stamp to mail something within the continental United States, it only costs 47 cents to mail it overseas as long as you have an APO / FPO / DPO address and associated ZIP code.

Do you need a customs form to ship to an APO address?

You usually need a customs form to ship overseas, even with APO , FPO , and DPO mail . The form you need depends on the USPS® mail service you ‘re using and the total value of what you ‘re sending. Use Click-N- Ship ® to print both international postage and custom forms or use the USPS Customs Forms tool to just print forms .

How do I ship a package to the military?

Packages can be sent by Military Mail to Army Post Offices (APOs) for people serving in the Army or Air Force and Fleet Post Offices (FPOs) for people serving in the Navy and missions in the water. Military Mail is the only way for a package to get mailed to an APO or FPO.

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What can you not send to an APO address?

Several restrictions apply when shipping to a military or diplomatic address : Packages must weigh 70 lbs or less and cannot exceed 130″ in combined length and girth. You cannot send any items restricted by the USPS (see full list here) or any perishable food.

How long does it take to ship to an APO address?

Mail addressed to most APO/FPO destinations can be combined with Delivery Confirmation (Tracking) either at the local post office or online at Click-n-Ship. Typically military mail can be delivered between seven and 10 days depending on country of destination. Priority Mail parcels will take 10 to 15 days .

Is shipping to an APO address more expensive?

Although there may be some small additional constraints involved with shipping to Army/Air Post Office ( APO ) and Fleet Post Office ( FPO ) addresses, in most cases, there is no more difficulty and cost than shipping to any other domestic address .

Does USPS ship to APO addresses?

Unlike mail sent to a street address or post office , APO / FPO addresses have “AA,” “AE” or “AP” listed in the state category. Although other shipping services, such as FedEx and UPS, send packages to other countries where military forces are concentrated, only the USPS is able to send an item to an APO or FPO .

What is APO AE?

APO , AE stands for Army Post Office, Allied Europe. The address designation is a remnant of World War II that they haven’t changed since. There is also APO , AP and APO , AA which stand for Allied Pacific and Allied Africa/Americas respectively. Army Post Office ( APO ) Armed Forces Europe ( AE ) Please ship it!

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Where is APO AE located?

Overseas military addresses must contain the APO or FPO designation along with a two–character “state” abbreviation of AE, AP, or AA and the ZIP Code or ZIP+4 Code. AE is used for armed forces in Europe , the Middle East , Africa, and Canada ; AP is for the Pacific; and AA is the Americas excluding Canada .

What can you not put in a military care package?

What not to Send DON’T send adult entertainment, alcohol or drugs (these items are illegal and can get the soldier in trouble) DON’T send aerosols or pressurized products. DON’T send firearms or ammunition (we’re already armed and this is illegal) DON’T send perishable foods.

Where is APO AP 96367?

Find all the Area Codes for a given State. To find a ZIP+4 (9 digit ZIP Code), you must have an address. Use the box below to find the ZIP+4 of any U.S. address. ZIP Code Details.

Zip Code: 96367
City: APO
State: AP [Armed Forces Pacific ]
Multi County: No

Can UPS ship to a military base?

Due to security restrictions, the USPS is the only carrier that can deliver mail and packages to APO/FPO/DPO locations. While carriers such as FedEx and UPS offer delivery to countries where military personnel may be stationed, packages from these private carriers cannot be delivered directly to a military base .

How do I send a care package to a random soldier?

If you don’t know a service member and want to send a package to a random soldier , you can visit to find a name and overseas mailing address for service members who have requested it. OR you can scroll to the next section of this post and chose a company to do it for you!

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How do I ship a package to a Navy ship?

The following example shows how you would print a letter or package to a service member being sent to a Navy ship . Print the sender’s full name and return address in the upper left hand corner of the letter or package . Visit a post office to pay proper postage necessary to mail the letter or package .