How much are kings dominion tickets with military discount

Does Kings Dominion do military discounts?

Kings Dominion Military Discount Tickets It is our honor to provide theme park military discount tickets to active and retired military personnel and veterans . These heroes can purchase single-day admission ticket or a Gold Season Pass at a discount off of the front gate price.

How much does a Kings Dominion ticket cost?

Regularly priced tickets cost $54 for adults. Twilight admission , or admission after 4 p.m. costs $39 all season. Kings Dominion opens for the season on May 23. For more information, and to purchase tickets , visit kingsdominion .com.

How much is the Bring a Friend discount at Kings Dominion?

Bring up to 6 friends for deeply discounted prices . Learn More. Camp Wilderness Discounts . 10% Discount .

Can you get military discount on Ticketmaster?

Military discounts are generally available only through the venue box office. When available through Ticketmaster , military discounts will be part of your ticket type options.

How far is Kings Dominion from Fredericksburg VA?

32 miles

What day does Kings Dominion Open?

March 13, 2020 Update Kings Dominion will postpone its park opening this season until Saturday, April 4.

Which is better Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens?

I just visited them both (KD yesterday, BG the day before), and I feel that if you’ve already visited Busch Gardens and are going for the rides, Kings Dominion is a more solid choice. KD is also usually less crowded, has some rides closer together, and is easier to navigate.

Can you bring water into Kings Dominion?

You can bring water in but the lockers there are at the water park. over a year ago. Yes, one unopened bottle of water per person.

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Can you leave Kings Dominion and come back?

How do I re-enter if I have to leave the park? Hand stamps are available at designated exit turnstiles when leaving the park. To re-enter the parking lot, display your parking ticket on your dashboard.

Can you bring a friend for free with a season pass?

Most Six Flags parks now offer a GOLD PASS which includes FREE free parking with every pass , good at all Six Flags Theme Parks. You ‘ll also get VIP entry into the park and an extra Bring-A-Friend Free ticket .

Does Gold Pass include fast lane?

Add Fast Lane Plus to your Gold Pass and speed past the regular wait lines on your favorite rides and attractions every time you visit the park!

Does fast lane include admission?

Fast Lane is an optional, pay-per-person line queue system offered on select rides at Cedar Fair amusement parks. The system provides shorter lines, and guests who want access must pay a fee in addition to general park admission .

Does Ticketmaster offer discounts?

TicketMaster Promo Codes 2020. Ticketmaster is the place to shop for tickets to the latest events, concerts, events, and activities. With Ticketmaster promo codes and Ticketmaster coupons , you might even be able to save on regular price tickets (sometimes for an entire 10% off).

Does WWE give free tickets to veterans?

To honor the service men and women who continue to protect our freedom, WWE offers free tickets to all military personnel. This is for weekly television events, excluding pay-per-view events such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Tickets are available the day of the event while supplies last.”

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Does Cirque du Soleil have military discounts?

No, Cirque du Soleil does not offer military discounts .