What Are 280 Inspection Air Force?

What is a UCR in the Air Force?

Unsatisfactory Condition Report ( UCR ). A UCR is an unsafe or unsatisfactory condition, other than a DSV, chargeable to the work center supervisor.

What is a UEI inspection?

The UEI is part of the overall Commander’s Inspection Program, which emphasizes self-assessment. Both the UEI and the CCIP focus on four Major Graded Areas: Executing the Mission, Managing Resources, Leading People and Improving the Unit. The UEI is an ongoing inspection that occurs every four years.

What does the Air Force Inspector General do?

The Inspector General independently assesses and reports on the overall readiness, economy, efficiency, and the state of discipline of the Department of the Air Force to the Secretary of the Air Force through specified inquiries, investigations and inspections.

What is a vertical inspection?

“A vertical inspection is a unit inspection, where we validate and verify a unit’s compliance with the four major graded areas.” These four major graded areas include executing the mission, improving the unit, leading the people and managing resources.

What does MICT stand for in the Air Force?

Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT).

What is a compliance inspection?

(1) An inspection by a government official to ensure that a building or project complies with all relevant building codes and zoning regulations.

What happens when you file an IG complaint?

The complaints resolution process begins when a complaint is received by the IG. If possible, the IG will acknowledge receipt of the complaint at that time. If the complaint was received via fax, e-mail, or mail, the IG is required to confirm receipt (in writing, by telephone, or in person) within 5 duty days.

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What qualifies as an IG complaint?

What type of complaints are appropriate to file with the IG? Any complaint regarding fraud, waste, mismanagement, or reprisal.

What warrants an IG complaint?

The subject of your complaint must be an Air Force program or person. Bear in mind, however, the fact that you may disagree with your supervisor(s) over management styles or have what you believe is a “personality conflict” does not constitute an injustice or mismanagement.