Readers ask: Air Force When Is Waps Testing?

When can I test for SSgt Air Force?

Senior airmen must have 36 months time in service and six months time in grade to be eligible to test for staff sergeant. Staff sergeants must have 23 months time in grade to test for technical sergeant, and technical sergeants require 24 months in grade to test for master.

What is Air Force WAPS testing?

The Weighted Airman Promotion System ( WAPS ) is a United States Air Force program that determines promotions to the ranks of Staff Sergeant (E-5) through Technical Sergeant (E-6).

What do I bring to my WAPS test?

In addition to items prohibited in the testing room, examinees are discouraged from bringing purses, back-packs, gym bags, brief cases, or any other container-type items into the room. Ideally, an examinee has the correct military uniform and his/her military ID card only.

How many points does a Must Promote give you?

The next 15 percent of senior airmen, and 10 percent of staff and tech sergeants, can receive a “must promote” rating, which yields 220 points. The next three ratings — “promote,” “not ready now,” and “do not promote” — will get an airman 200, 150 and 50 points respectively, but there will be no limits on those.

Is it hard to rank up in the air force?

Only 1% of the Air Force holds the rank of E-9 at any one time, making the process highly competitive. Only 2% of the Air Force holds the rank of E-8. To be eligible for promotion consideration, the member must meet the following TIS/TIG requirements: Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) – 11 years TIS and 20 months TIG.

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How quickly can you rank up in the air force?

Airman Basic (E-1) is eligible for promotion to Airman (E-2) with six months’ time-in-grade. E-2 is eligible for promotion to Airman First Class (E-3) with 10 months’ time-in-grade.

What is a TSgt in the Air Force?

Technical Sergeant (E-6) The technical sergeant ( TSgt ) is the second level of the NCO ranks in the Air Force. Technical sergeants are qualified to perform highly complex technical duties in addition to providing supervision.

Who is the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force 2021?

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass represents the highest enlisted level of leadership, and as such, provides direction for the enlisted force and represents their interests, as appropriate, to the American public and to those in all levels of government.

What does PDG stand for Air Force?

Product description. The 2017-2019 Professional Development Guide (PDG) is used to determine if Airmen should be promoted to higher ranks.

How do I study for WAPS?

Now, from Denter and other chief master sergeants, here are seven tips and strategies for acing the WAPS tests:

  1. Start early.
  2. Use the MKTS survey.
  3. Go by the book.
  4. Use a variety of resources.
  5. Establish a study routine.
  6. Take notes and highlight.
  7. Relax and test well.

How long does it take to go from AMN to A1C?

The Air Force promotes an airman first class (A1C) to senior airman after 36 months “time in service” (TIS) and 20 months “time in grade” (TIG), or 28 months TIG, whichever occurs first.

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What does Must Promote mean in the Air Force?

Must Promote is limited to the top 15 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion -eligible senior airmen and the top 10 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion -eligible staff and technical sergeants. There are no restrictions on the remaining three promotion ratings.

What does LC mean for Air Force EPR?

LC means that your supervisor didn’t take the new rating system to heart and marked you completely to the right.

What does AC mean on EPR?

And if anyone is wondering why ‘C’: A= APR system B= EPR system starting in the 1980s C= New EES.