Quick Answer: Air Force Hpsp Dental?

Do Air Force dentists get deployed?

Air Force dental teams deploy around the world to ensure Airmen have good oral health during deployment. FALLS CHURCH, Va. The Air Force also deploys teams of dentists, dental technicians, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons to combat theaters to provide dental care to battlefield Airmen.

Will Air Force pay for dental school?

Air Force Dental Health Profession Scholarship Program (HPSP) scholarships are for four- or three-year periods and pays full tuition and all required fees. Your payback is a minimum commitment of three years and begins after you complete dental school.

How competitive is Air Force Hpsp?

It’s competitive (12 4-year scholarships available my year; a lot more 3 year scholarships). The stats really vary (3.6-4.0, 20 DAT-very high DAT scores) so don’t get too hung up on those – and they take a holistic view of your app.

Which military branch is best for dentistry?

Which military branch for 4-year dental service?

  • Army. Votes: 4 9.8%
  • Navy. Votes: 7 17.1%
  • Air Force. Votes: 30 73.2%

What rank is a dentist in the Air Force?

For officers, pay grades range from O-1 (2nd Lt in the Army and Air Force, Ensign in the Navy) to O-10 (General in the Army and Air Force, Admiral in the Navy). Newly-graduated dentists typically enter the military at pay grade O-3, equivalent to a Captain in the Army and Air Force and a Lieutenant in the Navy.

How much does a dental assistant make in the Air Force?

How much does a Dental Assistant at US Air Force make? The typical US Air Force Dental Assistant salary is $41,197. Dental Assistant salaries at US Air Force can range from $19,716 – $75,356.

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Can you join the airforce with bad teeth?

Teeth are essential for chewing. If you have more than 8 teeth missing, that is already enough to get you disqualified from joining the military. This is because missing teeth can impede the soldier’s ability to eat a normal diet. Apart from missing teeth, cavities are also disqualifying factors.

How long is Air Force dental tech school?

Qualifications / Training Dental Tech school is approximately 6 months at Joint Base Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. You will attend with other branches of service as well as have instructors from the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: 4Y032.

What rank is a dentist in the Navy?

Dental officers are usually appointed to the rank of Lieutenant (LT) (O-3) but may be appointed to higher ranks with significant experience or advanced specialty training. In October 1912, Emory Bryant and William N. Cogan were the first two dental officers to enter active duty with the U.S. Navy.

Does Hpsp pay for housing?

For those pursuing an advanced medical degree, the Army provides one of the most comprehensive scholarships available in the health care field – the Health Professions Scholarship Program ( HPSP ). HPSP also covers the costs of books, equipment and other school fees, and provides a monthly allowance for food and housing.

How hard is it to get Hpsp?

In general, an applicant for the HPSP or USUHS should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum MCAT score of 500. A competitive applicant should have a GPA of at least 3.6 and an MCAT score between 506 and 509. The Military also factors in volunteer work and leadership.

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Is Hpsp competitive?

Civilian or military, this process can be highly competitive with few guarantees for even the most successful medical students. This allows HPSP students to also apply to be selected into a program (NADDS) that authorizes them to complete a civilian residency.

How much does a dentist in the military make?

The average U.S. Army salary ranges from $35,476 per year for a dental assistant to $122,279 per year for a dentist. Other benefits include low-cost or no-cost medical, dental and life insurance, generous retirement plan options, housing allowances and 30 days of paid vacation earned annually.

Can you become a dentist in the military?

One of the biggest benefits of military dentistry is the opportunity to graduate from dental school debt-free. The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) provides tuition assistance for qualified applicants. Requirements vary, but programs are available in the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force.

How much do dental hygienist make in the military?

How much does a Dental Hygienist make at U.S. Army in the United States? Average U.S. Army Dental Hygienist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $52,840, which is 25% below the national average.