Question: Where Is Kunsan Air Force Base?

How far is Kunsan Air Base from Seoul?

It is approximately 150 miles south of Seoul. The base is named after Gunsan City, a port town seven and a half miles east of the installation.

Which base is better Osan or Kunsan?

If you prefer to be near a city, Osan is your best bet. If you don’t mind being a little more remote, Kunsan is a good choice. There are things close to both bases, depending on what you want to do. You can easily visit Seoul if you’re at Osan, and you can easily visit Busan and Jeju Island if you’re at Kunsan.

How far is Osan from Kunsan?

Distance from Osan to Kunsan is 134 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 83 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Osan and Kunsan is 134 km = 83 miles.

Can you bring family to Kunsan?

7. It is possible to do Kunsan with children. Although, Kunsan Air Base does not have any child care or school system in place, many spouses bring their families to Kunsan to live for the year.

How far is Osan Air Base from the DMZ?

Mission. Team Osan and Why We’re Here — Osan Air Base, located just 48 miles south of the Korean DMZ, is home to the “Mustangs” 51st Fighter Wing and 24 tenant units, including Seventh Air Force.

Where is the military base in Korea?

Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, is the largest U.S. military base overseas, housing the USFK headquarters and thousands of troops, civilian workers, and their family members.

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How many Air Force bases are there in South Korea?

US Military Bases in South Korea | 15 Bases | Military Bases.

Is Kunsan AB an unaccompanied tour?

Kunsan Air Base has approximately 2,800 Air Force members, Army soldiers, U.S. civilians and local national and non-appropriated employees working on the installation. The base is known as one of the Air Force’s last “warrior bases,” and an assignment to the installation is typically a one-year unaccompanied tour.

Can you take your family to Osan Korea?

Osan AB is currently in a non-concurrent travel status. Command Sponsored Personnel (CSP) must request concurrent travel by 51 FSS/Force Management prior to moving their family to Osan AB.

Do you get paid more for being stationed in Korea?

Hardship Duty Pay is an additional compensation that is determined based on the area stationed in Korea. Soldiers stationed in Ar- ea I, which borders North Korea, are entitled to HDP in the amount of $150.00. Generally, Soldiers in all other areas receive $50.00.

Will I get Bah If stationed in Korea?

You get the current rate BAH from the duty station you left to goto Korea. Theres hardly any extra money is you’re single and a SSG. Being that you’re married you should be fine with BAH and BAS. you also get family Separation pay, COLA, and depending on what area you are in you will get hazardous duty pay.