Question: What Job Is The Same As Administration Air Force?

What is administration in the air force?

Provide administrative support to Air Force, Department of Defense and joint organizations. Ensure communications comply with proper standards for style and format. Coordinate with Protocol and assist with welcoming Distinguished Visitors.

What are the different jobs in the Air Force?


  • Pilot.
  • Cyberspace Operations Officer.
  • Space Operations Officer.
  • Behavioral Sciences/Human Factors Scientist.
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot.
  • Financial Management Officer.
  • Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer.
  • Airfield Operations Officer.

What are 3 military occupations that are available for Air Force?

The Air Force divides their AFSCs (enlisted jobs ) into the following overall categories: Operations, Maintenance & Logistics, Support, Medical & Dental, Legal & Chaplain, Finance & Contracting, and Special Investigations.

What is Admin aptitude area in the Air Force?

From human resources, personnel management, scheduling, arranging travel and preparing official documents, these administrative airmen keep the Air Force moving. The following jobs are a few that fall into the ” Administrative ” aptitude area. 3D0X1 Information Management. 3S0X1 Personnel.

What is the highest paying Air Force job?

E-9 Chief Master Sergeant. The highest -paid enlisted rank in the Air Force is the E-9 Chief Master Sergeant (CMSAF).

Which military branch pay the most?

The highest ranking enlisted Marine, Sgt. Maj of the Marine Corps Ronald Green, makes over $90,000 a year in base pay alone. Military officer pay is much higher.

What are the best jobs in Air Force?

Best U.S. Air Force jobs

  • Pilot.
  • Public affairs officer.
  • Flight engineer.
  • Security forces.
  • Operations intelligence.
  • Air traffic control.
  • Tactical aircraft maintenance.
  • Aircraft loadmaster.
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Can I pick my job in the Air Force?

It depends upon your qualifications and what jobs have current/projected openings. If the job you want is not available, your only choices are to choose a different job, or not enlist. The Air Force has divided all of their jobs into four aptitude areas (General, Electronic, Mechanical, and Administrative).

What is salary in Air Force?

Pay Scale/Salary of Air Force Officer

Air Force Branch Salary in INR (per annum)
Flying Branch Rs.9,00,000
Technical Branch Rs.8,00,000
Ground Branch Rs.7,56,000

Which military branch has the best careers?

Here are 12 of the highest rated careers in uniform:

  1. Coast Guard Machinery Technician (4.8)
  2. Army Operations Manager (4.5)
  3. Military officer (4.4)
  4. Army Logistics Manager (4.2)
  5. Army Human Resources Specialist (4.2)
  6. Navy Hospital Corpsman (4.2)
  7. Coast Guard Operations Specialist (4.2)

What branch of the military is the easiest?

If you are referring to the “easiest” being the branch with the least restrictive requirements to meet their idea of a new recruit, I’d say the U.S. Army is the least particular.

What is the largest military branch?

The Army is the largest, oldest, and most senior branch of the U.S. military, and can be traced back to the Continental Army, and was founded in order to fight in the Revolutionary War.

Does the Air Force have cooks?

“The Air Force has military cooks to help support our warfighting mission and provide quality of life through our dining facilities, menus and food options,” Airman Scott explained.

What Air Force jobs do I qualify for with my Asvab score?

They require candidates to have a minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test ( AFQT ) score of 36 with a High School diploma, and 50 with a GED. ASVAB Scores For Air Force Jobs.

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AFSC Air Force Job Title Required ASVAB Scores
1A1X1 Flight Engineer G55
1A2X1 Aircraft Loadmaster G57
1A3X1 Airborne Mission Systems Specialist G55
1A6X1 Flight Attendant G55

How long is Air Force Tech School?

Tech School Tech School for Administration is at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and lasts for about 41 days. The first two weeks will consist of various technical support, computer language, and protocols. After that is when one will learn the ins/outs of Administration.