Often asked: Air Force Ocp?

What does OCP stand for Air Force?

Air Force leaders announced the service will move to a single combat utility uniform, adopting the Operational Camouflage Pattern, or OCP, already in use by the Army and Airmen in combat zones and in certain jobs across the Air Force.

Are OCP and ACU the same?

Soldiers of the U.S. Army will no longer wear the Universal Camouflage Pattern, otherwise known as the Army Combat Uniform ( ACU ) pattern or Digital Camouflage as of October 1, 2019. The OCP has been generally regarded as a major improvement over the ACU, according to Soldiers.

What is OCP color?

The US Army Camouflage Pattern (OCP) Color Scheme palette has 6 colors which are Gray (#7C887E), Artichoke (#91967F), Laurel Green (#BAB79F), American Silver (#D3D2CD), Grullo (#A08D83) and Dark Silver (#726870). This color combination was created by user Maya.

Can Air Force roll up OCP sleeves?

Here is a quick run-down of some new OCP regulations per the updated AFI: Commanders may authorize sleeves to be rolled up on the OCP coat; however, the cuffs will remain visible and the sleeve will rest at, or within 1 inch of, the forearm when the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle.

Can I wear black socks with OCP?

The socks are tan, green, or black, stretch type, calf-length with a cushion sole.” and with the IPFU “Commanders may authorize wear of commercial running shoes with calf-length or ankle-length, plain white or black socks (no logos).

Why is the Air Force switching to OCP?

Jason Shaffer, 88th Air Base Wing command chief, said the Air Force switched to OCPs for a few reasons. “First, it was to eliminate the need for an in-garrison and deployed uniform,” he said. “The second thing was feedback from Airmen for a better battlefield-tested uniform.

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Can I wear MultiCam instead of OCP?

Soldiers may also wear uniforms and field equipment patterned in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern ( MultiCam ) in lieu of OCP, Army officials said. This can continue until Oct. 1, 2018, the wear -out date for both OEF-CP and UCP uniforms, tan T-shirts and tan boots.

Can you wear sand tee with OCP?

Today, airmen who had begun wearing the OCP are authorized to wear the desert sand T-shirt, green socks, and subdued black and green cloth U.S. flag patches, as well as the older boots. This will help airmen cover the increased cost of the new uniform.

What color shirt goes with OCP?

The U.S. flag patch will be mandatory and the only authorized color is spice brown (cloth). Airmen will wear the flag while in garrison and deployed. Infrared U.S. flags are not authorized. The authorized T-shirt color will be coyote brown (listed as Tan 499 per AAFES nomenclature) only.

Is scorpion the same as OCP?

Comments. Operational Camouflage Pattern ( OCP ), originally codenamed Scorpion W2, is a military camouflage pattern adopted in the mid-2010s by the United States Army for use as the U.S. Army’s main camouflage pattern on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

How do you wear Air Force OCP patches?

All Air Force patches must be converted to the Spice Brown color criteria HHQ patches are mandatory and should be centered in the middle of the left sleeve. Exception: Awarded joint qualification tabs (subdued cloth) may be worn above the HHQ patch as a third patch (e.g. Army Ranger, Sapper, SERE).

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What is OCP patch?

The new Operational Camouflage Pattern ( OCP ) uniforms allow Airmen to wear unit patches on their right sleeve. Since the initial rollout of the uniforms last October, Air Force units that have gone without patches are working hard to create new unit patches from their existing emblems.

What color socks are authorized in OCP Air Force?

The AFI change will include specific requirements for these shorts, but troops will need to pair them “with the coyote brown T-shirt and uniform green or coyote brown socks with uniform boots,” according to the release.

Can Air Force wear combat patches?

NOTE: Some Airmen may have been provided an HONORARY Army shoulder sleeve insignia-former wartime service after completing a deployment with an Army unit, but it is NOT authorized to be worn by Airmen. air force doesn’t do ” combat patches ” so the answer to that one is “no”.

Can airmen wear Ranger tab?

Airmen may wear other services’ qualification badges, if earned and awarded, i.e.: Ranger tab, SERE, etc.