FAQ: What Did Royal Air Force Officers Do For Fun?

What is life like as an RAF officer?

LIFE ON DUTY IN THE UK You work normal five-day weeks and have evenings and weekends to yourself. That said, regulars are not nine-to-fivers; they do what’s needed to get the job done, which could mean working round the clock, going on a mission at a moment’s notice, or transferring to a new location.

Is the RAF fun?

‘ The RAF provide some of the best training you will ever receive, both in leadership and management but also in the ability to make sound engineering decisions even when under pressure. It’s one of the most fun jobs around in engineering, where the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ really comes to mind.

What did the RAF used to be called?

On April 1, 1918, the Royal Air Force ( RAF ) is formed with the amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). The RAF took its place beside the British navy and army as a separate military service with its own ministry.

What role did the RAF play in ww2?

The Royal Air Force’s ( RAF ) bombing offensive against Nazi Germany was one of the longest, most expensive and controversial of the Allied campaigns during the Second World War. Its aim was to severely weaken Germany’s ability to fight, which was central to the Allies’ strategy for winning the war.

Do you get weekends off in RAF?

When off duty, RAF personnel can leave the base any time they want. Weekends and holidays are free but there are opportunities to do so much more. There are over 100 adventurous training activities available, from mountaineering to skiing and scuba diving to sailing.

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Is the RAF dangerous?

The RAF is generally safer than an infantry soldier, but there is that chance you are shot down by a surface to air missile and either die or eject and end up in enemy territory. No training in hand to hand combat! There is survival training with some hand to hand combat, but yes, it is not too extensive.

Do you have to live on base in the RAF?

Most bases are like small, self-contained towns with shops, gyms, playing fields, crèches, post offices, cinemas, and even bowling alleys. Recruits will live in on- base accommodation during their initial 10-week training. Allowing them to get to know their new colleagues, work as a team and learn about the RAF.

Is the RAF recruiting?

COVID-19: RAF recruitment remains open; our team are on hand via online chat and social media. All face-to-face visits to AFCOs are suspended. If you have applied, please click below to see the progress of your application. Royal Air Force Reserves serve alongside Regulars in the UK and overseas.

Is the RAF Regiment a good career?

The RAF is a good working environment to start a career. Plenty of opportunities to travel the world and work with other nations and see other cultures. life in the RAF is great, always full of different opportunities. the RAF always pay on time and always looking for ways to help you.

Which country has the oldest air force?

Royal Air Force (RAF), youngest of the three British armed services, charged with the air defense of the United Kingdom and the fulfillment of international defense commitments. It is the world’s oldest independent air force. Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 during a training exercise.

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What is the fastest plane in the RAF?

English Electric Lightning

Role Interceptor (primary); general purpose fighter
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer English Electric British Aircraft Corporation
First flight 4 August 1954 (P.1A) 4 April 1957

What is the largest RAF plane?

The largest aircraft in RAF history has arrived in the UK for the first time. The new tanker and transport plane – named the Voyager – is almost 60m (197ft) long and has a 60m wingspan. It is twice the size of a Lancaster bomber and will replace the VC-10 and Tristar aircraft.

What airplanes did Britain’s Royal Air Force depend on during WWII?

Aircraft Between 1939 and 1945: The Royal Air Force flew aircraft such as the Short Stirling, the Vickers Warwick, and the Douglas Havoc. World War II Planes: The Allies used planes such as the Hurricane and the Spitfire to fight against the German Messerschmitts.

Does the RAF still exist?

While the British were not the first to make use of heavier-than-air military aircraft, the RAF is the world’s oldest independent air force: that is, the first air force to become independent of army or navy control.