FAQ: How To Write Bullets Air Force?

What is a bullet statement?

The bullet statement format is a way to describe an achievement in as few words as possible yet fully explain the accomplishment. It’s a direct manner of listing accomplishments which specifically avoids generalities, unsubstantiated claims, and flowery embellishments. This format is neccessary for two reasons.

How many bullets go on a 1206?

The package requires 21 bullets because the wing-level winner is submitted to compete AETC wide. The scoring system is based on a 10-point scale, and is divided into a six-two-two rating system. For instance, the first header, job performance, can receive a maximum of six points.

What is an AF Form 1206?

The AF Form 1206 is used to nominate Airmen or civilians for awards. It records the justification for quarterly and annual awards at all organizational levels from Flight to Headquarters Air Force.

What is an EPR in the Air Force?

An Enlisted Performance Report ( EPR ) is an evaluation form used by the United States Air Force. Instructions for constructing an EPR appear in chapter 3 of Air Force Instruction 36-2406: Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems. The EPR replaced the Airman Performance Report (APR) in the late 1980s.

How do you write bullets?

How to write powerful bullet points

  1. Think of a bullet point as a mini headline.
  2. Highlight elements key to understanding the content of your article.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Keep bullets thematically related.
  5. Make your bullet points symmetrical… just like the ones here.
  6. Work in keywords.
  7. Don’t overdo it.

How many bullets does a BTZ have?

(1) AF Form 1206. The AF 1206 will be a maximum of 15 lines (not including the headings). Headings are as follows: i. Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duties ( 9 Bullets ).

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What is an AF Form 469?

AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report is a form used for describing the physical limitations and recommended duty or mobility restrictions of service members.

What is an AF Form 55?

An AF Form 55 is a United States Air Force form is used for documenting the completion of initial and recurring safety training. The AF Form 55 is available on the United States Air Force documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command.

Where can I find my EPR Air Force?

EPRs are filed in the Automated Records Management System 60 days after the closeout date. EPRs can be viewed in PRDA at https://www. my. af.mil/faf/FAF/fafHome.jsp. For additional information or to check the status of a report, Airmen should first contact their servicing military personnel section.

How many points is a must promote air force?

The next 15 percent of senior airmen, and 10 percent of staff and tech sergeants, can receive a “must promote” rating, which yields 220 points.

What does AC mean on AF EPR?

AC – Exceeded some but not all expectations / FDR.