FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Find Out If You Get An Equal Plus Job Air Force?

How long does it take AFPC to approve orders?

The entire process now takes two to three days and Airmen are getting their PCS orders about 120 days before their projected departure dates, which is 30 days faster than when the process was managed at base-level MPSs.

What is equal plus in the Air Force?

When you think of jobs that require foreign languages, air traffic controller is not usually first on that list. Instead, Norman found a French-speaking position through the Enlisted Quarterly Assignments List Plus, or EQUAL Plus, which is a portal where unique jobs for certain Air Force Specialty Codes are listed.

How does bop work in the Air Force?

The career Airman BOP program, (Airmen on their second or subsequent enlistment) provides an incentive to continue their Air Force career. Airmen can apply for consideration for in-place BOP, permanent change of station (PCS) BOP, or both in-place and PCS BOP.

How do you get follow on assignments in the Air Force?

In order to apply for follow -on consideration, Airmen need to submit their applications on the virtual Military Personnel Flight webpage within 15 days of receiving their assignment notification and more than 150 days prior to their departure date.

How long before PCS Do you get orders?

The period of time is usually over 31 days, but generally less than 20 weeks. If you ‘re married and have dependents, they may not be able to move with you. You may be eligible to move a small amount of your belongings with you for a TDY. Permanent Change of Station ( PCS ) is a more intensive process and move period.

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How do you separate from the Air Force?

Just file for separation like everybody else, with your desired date of separation after your active duty service commitment. The Air Force will need to decide if they want to move you with your little commitment left (moving is expensive), or to just keep you in your current assignment until separation.

Where are my Air Force orders?

Log into the Air Force’s Personnel Center secure website, click vMPF, click the Out Processing link (under Most Popular Applications), and access the “view orders ” link (under the Pages menu).

How long are Air Force assignments?

Effective March 1, Airmen and Guardians overseas tour lengths are now 36 months for first-term unaccompanied permanent assignments at certain overseas locations.

How does joint spouse work in the Air Force?

The join spouse assignment program allows military couples the opportunity to be stationed near each other and maintain a joint residence provided the Airman: 1) fills a valid manning requirement, 2) performs duties within their specialty, and 3) is permanent change of station (PCS) eligible.

When can you apply for BOP in the Air Force?

The Base of Preference ( BOP ) program will expand to all Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) starting next month, providing airmen who have 48 months’ time on station as of May 2019, “the opportunity to apply for available permanent change-of-station assignments,” according to an Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) release.

What is a code 50 in the Air Force?

These numbers are increasing with a new Air Force policy update: Assignment Availability Code 50. This update guarantees Airmen at Malmstrom receive a new assignment after completion of a controlled tour. Before, Airmen could remain at Malmstrom for more than a decade, according to Air Force Personnel Center.

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What is a career job reservation Air Force?

The Career Job Reservation program is a Headquarters Air Force tool used when needed to manage the number of First Term Airmen allowed to reenlist into their current Air Force Specialty Code. CJR limitations are established to manage projected surpluses and shortages by skill.

Can Air Force officers choose where they are stationed?

During Basic Military Training (BMT), enlisted Airmen will have a chance to list 16 location preferences—up to eight stateside and eight overseas—by base, state, region or country. You also have the chance to list your top eight choices in your order of preference.

How do I view air force overseas listings?

People can view the lists from the Air Force Personnel Center Web site or at local MPFs. Those on temporary duty during the advertising period can contact the nearest personnel office for assistance.

What is a remote tour in the Air Force?

Follow-on Assignment When is assigned to a 12-month remote tour, military members can move their dependents anywhere they want to live in the United States, at government expense, while the member is away.