FAQ: How Do I Update My Air Force Education Record Enlisted 55 Amxs?

How do I update my Air Force education records?

Send sealed official transcript(s) (not the student copy), directly from the accredited college or university registrar’s office, to your Base Education and Training Office to have your education level updated. Once your official transcripts are received, your educational level will be updated in MilPDS.

How do I update my air force base of preferences?

You may volunteer and update your preferences through the virtual Military Personnel Flight application, or contact your local military personnel office. These programs may be accessed through the AFPC Secure application.

Can you change your MOS in the Air Force?

It’s not possible to give all new Air Force recruits the AFSC ( Air Force Specialty Code, or job) they want, even if they’re qualified. If an individual doesn’t get the job he or she wants, there is the Air Force enlisted re-training program or explore Air Force cross training.

How do I update my Air Force surf?

You don’t ” update a SURF,” you update the info. The SURF is just a reflects the info the AF has about you. You want your skill level updated — talk to your UTM, who should file (should already have filed!) an AF Form 2096 with the correct info.

Where can I get Air Force surf?

This document can be accessed at the Air Force Personnel Center website thru the Assignment Management System. The SURF is a one page summary of your career, and it is used frequently by commanders to get a quick picture of an individual.

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What does surf mean in the Air Force?


Acronym Definition
SURF Single Unit Retrieval Format (US Air Force)
SURF Subscriber Unit Reference (Qualcomm)
SURF System Utilization Reporting Facility
SURF Single Uniform Request Format (US Air Force)

How does base of preference Work Air Force?

The Base of Preference ( BOP ) program is intended for enlisted Regular Air Force (RegAF) Airmen on active duty in the grades of Senior Master Sergeant and below. The FTA BOP program provides a reenlistment incentive under the Career Airmen Reenlistment Reservation System (CAREERS).

What is Code 50 Air Force?

These numbers are increasing with a new Air Force policy update: Assignment Availability Code 50. This update guarantees Airmen at Malmstrom receive a new assignment after completion of a controlled tour. Before, Airmen could remain at Malmstrom for more than a decade, according to Air Force Personnel Center.

When can a first term airman bop?

The Base of Preference ( BOP ) program will expand to all Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) starting next month, providing airmen who have 48 months’ time on station as of May 2019, “the opportunity to apply for available permanent change-of-station assignments,” according to an Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) release.

How long do you have to serve in the Air Force to retire?

Airmen are eligible to retire after 20 years of service with the Air Force and begin receiving benefits the day they retire —no matter their age.

What does the space force do?

The primary mission of the U.S. Space Force as directed by Congress is to maintain, protect, and expand the U.S. fleet of advanced military satellites that form the backbone of U.S. global military operations. The importance of satellites to the modern U.S. military can hardly be overstated.

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How hard is it to change your MOS?

In order to change your MOS you’d have to go through your chain of command and follow a particular application process. Not so with transfer to a new MOS unless you can get a particular unit commander to sponsor your transition and transfer to their unit. Another thing to consider is money.

Where is career data brief Air Force?

You may obtain your vMPF rip through your account on the Air Force Portal (https://www.my. af.mil) or by contacting your servicing Force Support Squadron to obtain a digital copy of it. In the vMPF application, select Self-Service Actions > Personal Data > Duty History > View/Print All.

What is vMPF?

As the name implies, the vMPF is an electronic replica of the traditional personnel office that serves military members on a base.